50% of All Sales will be Donated to Various Foster Facilities and to Organizations to help fight against the nightmare of Human Traffiking against children.  Each Donation will be placed here.  Thank you for your support, when you purchase our apparel, you help a child in need.

Jesus Loves Me this I Know....for the Bible Tells Me So...

Jesus Loves the Little Children...All the Children of the World..


11/9/2020 Our First Donation was made today to Life International Outreach.  We donated $100 to go toward helping children escape Human Trafficking. Thank you for all your support! Nothing is Impossible with God! 


                                                                                                         1/25/21 Another Donation of $100 went out to Voices for Children! A Non profit organization helping children in our Foster Care System.  Thank you for your purchases.  Heartbeat316 also tried to donate 6 Childrens Tees but because of the seperation of Church and State they could not accept them.  With Men this is impossible, but with God "All things are Possible".  We sent our Gospel Cards John 3:16 along with the donation!  Nothing will stop the Gospel of Jesus Christ from spreading to the ends of the earth. 

8/2/21 Heartbeat316 made another donation of $100 to Project Girl, a Non Profit thru Joyce Meyer Ministries.  Project Girl rescues and restores girls who are caught in the nightmare of Human Trafficking.  Thank you for your purchases, without you we could not donate.











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